Lionel pw-2167ws



This outfit was standard issue for 1950-51, consisted of the new 681 steam turbine engine(upgraded Magnetraction version of the 671). Set contained 681 S-2 Turbine loco with die-cast body with metal hand rails. Sintered iron drivers with inset wheel weights with drive rod. Magnetraction 3 position e-unit working head light and smoke. Engine came with 2671W Pennsylvania 12-wheel whistling tender. Rolling stock included; 6462 New York Central gondola with 6 wooden barrels, 3464 Santa Fe or NYC operating boxcar, and 6457 Lionel SP-type illuminated caboose. Also included 8 curved and 5 straight track, and a UCS track section. Engine and tender came in liners, and all pieces came in individual Middle Classic boxes. Paper work included, Instructions To Assemble booklet, Service Station Booklet, steam engine directions(2035-13), 3464 directions(3464-28), and UCS directions(6019-16). The set box for 1950 came with orange panel and blue letters(used for 1950 set boxes only), and 1951 came with blue lettered panel only. Some carry-over outfits from 1950, used an OPS paste sticker to show the increase in price. 1950 outfit sold for 39.95, 1951 sold for $47.75, inflation was rampant in 1951.

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