Lionel pw-2223w



This was the second Lionel Fairbanks-Morse set catalogued in 1954, with a retail price of $67.50. Also one of the toughest FM sets to find. The rarity is right behind the Jersey Central FM passenger set from 1956(2270W). Being the price was almost $10 more than the other Lackawanna FM outfit 2219W in 54, 2223W just sold in lower quanties(alot lower). Hence the rarity of the set, and the scarity of the 6464-100 WP with blue feather. The catalog showed the gray roof variation, but the early edition of this set came with the scarce maroon roof variation. The outfit set box was the standard 1953-1954 circled-L type, and tha engine was packed in a corrugated carton with a protective liner while the remainder of the components came in the middle Classic box. The contents included: 2321 Lackawanna F-M; 6464-100 Western Pacific orange box car with blue feather, or silver box car with yellow feather (both with the same number) (also note that the blue feather Western Pacific boxcar came in the rare Middle Classic box with -250 suffix); 3461-25 green operating log car with 160 dump bin; 3482 operating milk car; 6462-125 red unpainted or painted gondola with barrels(usually early cherry red version); 6417-50 gray lehigh Valley porthole caboose; eight curved and seven straight O-Gauge track; and a UCS uncoupling/operating section. Paperwork included; How to Operate booklet, Service Station booklet, Lionel Accessory booklet, 2321 directions, 3482 directions, 3461/3469 directions, UCS directions, and 1954 billboard sheet.

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