Lionel pw-2242-2 nh f3 a



New Haven F3 A. Single motor. One of the rarest road names amongst the F3's. Very attractive. Molded cab door ladders, window shell, and number boards. Louvered roof and closed portholes. Magnetraction. Three position E-unit. Operating headlight and horn. One operating coupler - the rest are fixed diecast. Built from 1958 to 1959. Please note that authentic 2242 New Haven's have a front door mold which is different from all other Lionel F3's. The door handle was eliminated to provide a solid surface for printing the "NH". Lionel found and sold a bunch of original grey F3 body molds in the late 1970's which were used to create fake New Havens and B&O's, but these have the door handle. There are many more of these fakes in existance than originals!

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