Lionel pw-2332 rub stp keys



Built from 1947-1949. The very first and the one and only GG1 with triple ball bearing motor and nickel wheels. Painted die-cast body with five rubber stamped stripes, rubber stamped lettering, small PRR keystone marking centered at upper quarter of sides, small keystone nose decal numbered '2332' at each end, headlight lens, running lights, and ornamental horn each end, two pantographs, single angle-mounted motor, no magnetraction (it hadn't been invented yet), three position E-unit, AC vibrator box horn (no battery required), operating coil couplers. This is one of the quietest and smoothest running locos ever.
  • Note that the stripes were applied with a rubber stamp and in a "step and repeat" process, creating changes in intensity of the striping and a grainy texture in the stripes.
  • This version of the 2332 is distinctly different from the others beacuse the PRR keystones on the middle of each side are rubber stamped (the same process used to apply striping), opposed to the typically-seen decals.
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