Lionel pw-2343-03 s.f. f3 aa



Made betwewn 1950 and 1952, Santa Fe Warbonnet passenger paint scheme, grey body mold variation (others are black molds or yellow molds), red cab, nose and stripe, yellow and black trim, black heat-stamped lettering, rubber-stamped top and side stripes, (stripes and lettering silk-screened on reproduction bodies), GM logo, silver frame and trucks, wire-screened roof vents, snap-in portholes with lenses, grab-irons on nose, ladder on cab door, coil operated couplers on cab ends, dummy middle couplers, Magnetraction, three position E-unit, light in both units, twin horizontal motors, horn in powered unit with motors, excellent runner. Small black and white decal on rear doors, and "BUILT BY LIONEL" heat- stamped to the rear of the rear doors. This is variation "03" with small GM decal, snap-in portholes and a grey body mold. The decals vanish naturally over the air spaces around the door nose - it will happen on any unit with a decal placed over an air space and cannot be stopped. These old locos have two motors, with each having a double worm drive system. They run like nothing else in this world - don't hook them to your foundation, they might pull the wall down! The grading standards for "Excellent" state the piece can have "minute" scratches. Here at the Train Station we interpret this to mean if we can hold the piece two feet away and cannot see the scratch, the scratches are "minute" and the piece can be graded as Excellent (we believe this is a far more rigorous grading than the current norm).

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