Lionel pw-2359



This handsome Boston and Maine GP-9 was offered in 1961 and 1962. It was the engine leading two military-themed sets - the 2572 of 1961 and 13028 of 1962. Even Lionel was trying to prepare children for the Cold War. It has a removable dynamic brake hatch.
  • GP-7s don't have dynamic brakes, but GP-9s had them. The difference visually is the cooling assemby on the roof. Lionel simply made a removable, snap-on part to make the conversion from a GP-7 to a GP-9. Lionel cataloged B & M GP-9s in two different numbers - 2346 and 2359. Both are highly collectable, even though they are identical except for the number on the cab. It featured the typical Pullmor motor, Magne-Traction, three-position reverse unit, an operating horn (requires a D Cell battery for operation), die cast trucks and operating couplers at both ends. It also featured ornamental horns and separately applied hand rails on the short-nose end.
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