Lionel pw-2360b grn gradvent



  • GG-1 painted die-cast body with five gold stripes applied with a rubber stamped step and repeat process
  • PRR keystone decal centered at upper quarter of sides
  • Small keystone nose decal numbered 2360 at each end; headlight lens, running lights, and ornamental horn each end. two pantographs
  • Twin motors, magnetraction; three-position E-unit; light both ends; horn; operating couplers both ends
  • Brunswick green body
  • The 5 stripes are rubber stamped and there will be slight changes in color intensity due to the step and repeat process used to apply the stripes. Also, the strips will be somewhat grainy. Many units have been re-striped and these are done with silk screens and are not grainy and do not have color intensity variations of originals
  • To sum up this important point; Discontinuities and variations in the intensity of the stripes are a characteristic o f the Lionel Rubber Stamping manufacturing process and are on all GG1's. Without these, the item would be a fake
  • Side ventilator screens differ in height (ie graduate down in height from center to end).
  • Correct box for the 2360 green 5 stripe should be 2360-25(stamped on box end) made by "National Container Corp.". Box is stamped 2360-27 under the Corp. seal on the back
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