Lionel pw-2519w

LIONEL PW-2519W 1958 2331Virginian FM Set MINT OB


The 2519W Blue Virginian Fairbanks Morse Set was built in 1958. This is the rarest of all the 2331 Virginian Sets and is as scarce as the Rio Grande, New Haven, or GG-1 sets, with similar valuations. Catalgoed with Super O track, the rolling stock came with a mix of AAR and bar-end metal trucks. The engine features magnetraction, dual motors and horn. The cars are the 3530 Generator car (metal trucks), 6414 auto carrier (correct with AAR Trucks), 6434 Poultry car (AAR Trucks), 6464-275 State of Maine ( AAR trucks) 6801 flatcar with yellow boat (AAR trucks) and a 6557 smoking caboose (metal trucks). Some sets had an unusual instruction sheet on yellow paper for the FM, # 2321-85 dated 4-57; either a white or the yellow sheet is aparently correct for this set. The factory eliminated the word Lackawanna from the yellow and white sheets when the Virginian loco was introduced.. Has instruction book 926-56. Has 39-25 operating packet which is correct - does not have the 39-5 -- the books that refer to the 39-5 packet are aparently incorrect based on our experience of finding this

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