Lionel pw-2521set3



Offered from 1962 through 1966, the Presidential streamlined passenger cars were Lionel's way of creating a new product with old tooling. Lionel offered streamlined cars of this style starting in 1954 with Lionel Lines markings. In 1962, Lionel took the cars and added gold, paper-based stripes to the "channels" - the flat space below and above the windows. The stripe above the window has "OBSERVATION," "VISTA DOME," and "PULLMAN," written in black. Below the windows are the names of USA presidents - McKinley on the observation, Harrison on the Vista Dome, and Garfield on the Pullman - also in black.
  • These cars have die cast trucks and magnetically operated couplers at both ends (except the observation, which only has one coupler). Each car has two lights each for interior illumination. Each car also has window silhouettes to represent passengers inside.
  • Originally, these cars were offered as a four-car set, pulled by a 2360 Tuscan GG-1 in 1962, or much more commonly, a pair of 2383 Santa Fe F3s. The fourth car was sometimes a second Pullman, and sometimes a second Vista Dome. They were also available for separate sale.
  • This listing is for a three-car set - one Pullman, one Vista Dome, and one observation.
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