Lionel pw-2541set



The magnificent Pennsylvania Congressional passenger car set consisting of the 2541 Alexander Hamilton observation, 2542 Betsy Ross vista dome, 2543 William Penn Pullman and 2544 Molly Pitcher Pullman was first cataloged in 1955. It was available with the 2340 Tuscan GG1 with 5 stripes. In 1956 it was re-cataloged but with the 2360 Tuscan 5 stripe GG1. The cars featured extruded aluminum construction, full interior illumination and metal operating couplers. This set was the longest set available from Lionel in 1955. We hope you enjoy the original 1955 Lionel catalog art work. Many of the cars left the factory with one or more light scratches across the top or side of the flutting, being transported within the factory in baskets without protection between each car or handled in other careless ways. A set of 4 cars without at least a scratch on one car is virtually non-existant.

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