Lionel pw-2561set



  • The Super Chief Aluminum Passenger Cars were manufactured in 1959 thru 1961. They are hard to find, and have a rarity ratine of 4
  • The cars are Lionel's classic extruded aluminum with red metal Santa Fe stripes with silver lettering above the windows and narrower metalstipes below the windows with the name of each car
  • We emphasise that these stripes MUST be metal to be authentic, many fakes have been made with paper stripes
  • We furthur emphasise that the glue used to hold the stripes is brown and, to be authentic, cars absolutely MUST have glue showing on the aluminum as a consequence of the manufacturing process. (We have included a closeup of a sample glue mark) Fakes will not have this brown glue showing
  • Three different cars were made; The 2561 is a rounded end observation named Vista Valley. Regal Pass is the name of the dome car (2562) , and Indian Falls the name of the Pullman without dome (# 22563)
  • 4 car sets will have either 2 # 2562 domes and 1 # 2563 Pullman or vice versa. (Earlier aluminum cars had 2 different pullman's with 2 different numbers, but not the Santa Fe's)
  • All cars are illuminated, have metal trucks with operating couplers, and have Lionel's unique design eliminating the need for wires to get the electricity to the 2 bulbs in each car
  • Lionel moved the extrusions around the factory in baskets, and most cars left the factory with slight scratches from this type of handling.
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