Lionel pw-30cgrey roofbrbase

WATER TOWER WITH BROWN TRESTLE AND GRAY ROOF & BASE box. jnz SERIAL>13232G: This tower is overall in Good condition. Some of the trestle struts under the tank itself were broken and repaired with glue, some are missing. Has a crack on the roof. It's easier to notice this in some places and harder to tell in other places. Some can be seen in the photo's. Replacement water spout. This water tower would be a perfect addition to your


Produced 1947-50. Single-wall, light amber tank, dark gray base, brown trestle assembly, dark gray painted tank cover without hole in center, two 30-18 red fiber shoulder washers under 38-65 palnut cover nuts, number "30" is stamped in block numbers on the raised plaque on base.

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