Lionel pw-342+345



This accessory, released in 1956 with be enjoyed either independently, or in conjonction with th 345, which was released in the next year. It was powered by a vibrator motor, which drove the crane through finish line. This accessory used a mechanically actuated gripper to lift culverts from th sloping ramp and move them to the included 6 342 gondola. It had ablack painted sheet metal base with a tan base structure and red builting with gray roof. The unloading station was introduced in 1957 as a companion piece to the 342. The short sections of the pipe were picked up magnetically from the included special 6342 gondola car and stored on a sloping ramp attached to the accessory base. A gray roofed red control the tower was also mounted on the base. This accessory was dropped in 1959.

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