Lionel pw-3429



1960. Cataloged only as part of set 1805, the Sea and Air Gift Pack. Came unboxed in the set. Has AAR trucks with operating couplers. Launches helicopter in to the air when passes over a UCS track with the touch of a button
  • Needs correct rare U.S.M.C. helicopter for high rating, with the helicopter actually being a rarity 5
  • The helicopter with U.S.M.C. marking is so rare that many collectors have never seen one and have questioned their existance
  • But 2 of our staff members at the Train-Station have seen them. One man (our repair manager) has seen 2 in over 30 years of collecting, and did not buy one because he thought the price of $ 500 was too high in 1980!!!!
  • Some people have maintained that a single blade US Navy chopper came in the Land Sea and Air set, and some people have said it came with the double bladed USN chopper, which was made in 1959, one year before the 3429 was manufactured. No one knows
  • What we do know is that any original and complete chopper is hard to find, and there are many reproduction choppers.
  • Car and helicopter came unboxed in the set
  • Flatcar itself is black molded plastic flatcar painted olive.
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