Lionel pw-38



Built 1946-47. A fairly short production run has resulted in a difficult item to find. Push the button, the spout will drop to the top of the tender and you will see the water go down in the tank. After you release the button, the spout goes back up - you can see the water fill up the tank so you are ready to add water to the tender of the next train. The secret of the falling water-level illusion is the double walled tank and reservoir. It takes about 7oz of water to fill it. All number 38 water towers have a severe defect, resulting from incompatible material in the black plastic tubing inside the tower and the styrene tank to which it is attached. The styrene nipples in the tank will melt after time. This can be repaired using aquarium tank hose couplings from your local pet store. I have seen it stated that an original working number 38 probably does not exist!

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