Lionel pw-6401-tank



In the mid-1960s, Lionel USED THE 1877 flatcar tooling to produced a gray car with no markings, no truss rods, and AAR-type trucks-one with operating coupler, the other without. Onto this car was placed a number of loads, including automobiles. One of more interestin loads was either a moss-green tank, or moss-green jeep and cannon, all made by Payton plastics. However the items sold by Payton were olive drab, rather than the moss-green bought by Lionel. This car became very rare
  • This flatcar was sold with several different loads (Cable Reels, boat with blue hull, automobiles, and van. The flat with tank is so unusual that it has not been pictured in a reference book. But this is the Train-Station, and we have it in our reference files!!!!
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