Lionel pw-6401



Simple flat car. AAR trucks and one operating and one fixed coupler. No load. Built 1965. In the mid-1960s, Lionel USED THE 1877 flatcar tooling to produced a gray car with no markings, no truss rods, and AAR-type trucks-one with operating coupler, the other without. Onto this car was placed automobiles of various colors, for which we do not know is there were different item numbers
  • In addition, either a moss-green tank, or moss-green jeep and cannon were used, (see PW-6401-TANK) all made by Payton plastics. However the items sold by Payton were olive drab, rather than the moss-green bought by Lionel. This car became very rare
  • This flatcar was sold with several different loads (Cable Reels, boat with blue hull, automobiles, and van. The flat with tank is so unusual that it has notbeen pictured in a reference book. But this is the Train-Station, and we have it in our reference files!!!!
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