Lionel pw-6407



  • This is an exceedingly difficult car to find! Some call this car the "Pencil Sharpener Car". There is controversy as to whether the pencil sharpener was ever included, and controversy over the color(s) of the nose cone. We have never had a new one to verify the contents ourselves!
  • The following is quoted from the book Lionel Trains by David Doyle: "This is one of the more sought after flat cars produced by Lionel. The body of the car was heat-stamped "LIONEL", but the number 6407 did not appear on the body or the load. It is the load that generates the interest in this car. A large missile with a removable mercury capsule on the nose was transported resting in a 6801-64 cradle. The missile was produced for Lionel by Sterling Plastics, which had developed it as a pencil case as part of their regular product line. The standard Sterling missile included a pencil sharpener in the base of the capsule, a feature omitted from the missiles produced specifically for Lionel. The Sterling Plastics name was always molded into the base of the capsules - reproductions, made from the original tooling, lack this imprint. The car was equipped with AAR- type trucks, with one operating and one fixed coupler"
  • The number 6511-2 is molded into the underside of the car, along with "Made in United States of America"/"The Lionel Corporation, New York" all in capital letters.
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