Lionel pw-6414-85



In 1964, Lionel produced a cheaper-to-manufacture version of the car number 6414-85. Although the stamping remained 6414 to the left of LIONEL, both in white. The unpainted medium red body had AAR-type trucks, one with and one without an operating copler, attached with 566-16 rivets. It carried two yellow and two red automoblies unlike those carried by any of the other cars. These automoblies were adaptations of LIONEL'S slot car bodies. There was no window insert, bumpers, baseplates, tires, wheels or axles installed. The body molding itself was changed to incororate molded-in-place simulated tires. The proper cars for this variation DO NOT have holes in the sides near the door seam, or numbers stamped on the sides. Those cars that do are really slot car bodies that have been erroneously placed on the 6414.

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