Lionel pw-6417-50



  • This caboose probably came only in the 2223W Lackawanna FM set, along with the Blue Feather 6464-100 Western Pacific Box Car. The Blue Feather Box car probably only came with Maroon Top Lackawannas, and the yellow feather 6464-100 came with the grey top versions. The caboose came with both versions of the set, but was never shown in the catalog as a seperate sale item. Rarity is a 4 or possible a 5 (on a scale of 1 to 5,even though some books only rate it as a 3) and it is very hard to find.
  • The correct box has number 6417-50 on the side , and 50 on the end flaps to the left and right of 'Lionel.'
  • Built in 1954. N5C porthole, typically gray-painted body with red heat stamped lettering, actually numbered 641751, lighted window shell, bar end trucks.
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