Lionel pw-6462-0s



everything" railroad car, and kids will load them up with everything and play with them constantly!
  • These cars are 50-odd years old, have been reconditioned by our service department, and work as well as they day they left the factory. May have slight marks or other signs of prior usage which adds to their character!
  • All 6462 gondolas came with a metal underframe and trucks, and had "6462" underscored, regardless of whether the "N" in NYC was in the second or third panel
  • Early issues had staple-end trucks, which were replaced by bar-end trucks late in 1951. The initial tooling for the 9 and nine sixteenths of an inch long body ("type 1") was used until mid- 1954. The tooling was then modified into the "type 2" body, which was further modified in 1959 ("type 3") for use with plastic AAR trucks.
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