Lionel pw-6464-1971



TCA 1971 DISNEYLAND BOXCAR. Only 500 were made. This car was designed by TCA member and Disney Animator Ward Kimball for the convention in Anaheim, California. Ward worked on Jiminy Crickett, Dumbo, Man in Space and Snow White. Even though it was built in 1971, it is considered the last in the Postwar 6464 series. The car has Bar end die cast trucks with magnetic couplers. Rarity 4. Because Lionel was already out of business, there was a shortage of boxes, frames and trucks. Therefore, some TCA members received only a body or a complete car without a box. Lionel boxes could not be obtained, so the correct original box is plain white with no Lionel markings. There were also two distinct variations of this car -- having to do with Mickey Mouse's smile. The rarer car featured Mickey only half- smiling. The upper car in the generic photo portrays this. The other version had Mickey smiling fully -- like in the lower car in the photo. "This variation was completely unintentional and the cause of it is unknown to this day," according to Donald Shaw, who was on the TCA committee at the time.

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