Lionel pw-6464-375



Built 1956-57, 1966. Typically unpainted maroon body and silver painted roof and oval. Car numbered 6464375. C.G. on left and Central of Georgia on right. brake wheel. 1956-57 models have bar end trucks 1960 AAR trucks
  • The type 4 Box Car Mold was used for 1960 production
  • Type 4 is the 6464 body mold with the second and third rivet columns to the left of the door, each having only three rivets at the top and two at the bottom was also used to produce a dated car
  • There were three full columns of rivits to the right of the door and the interior of the roof was ribbed. The heat-stamped markings on the car included BLT BY LIONEL, but no built date was included on this car
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