Lionel pw-6464-425



This car was from 1956 through 1958, and was definitely a staple of Lionels product line in those years. It was available for separate sale, and it was also a part of the following set outifts: 1553W, 1573, 1601W, 1605W, 1607WS, 2259W, 2279W, and 2507W. There were different variations of this car. The biggest discerning factor is the first "N" in the New Haven logo on the left side of each door. Most cars - including this one - have a full serif N. The rare version of this car has the NH logo printed slightly differently - with part of the upper right serif of the N missing. Most of these cars came on a type 2 body mold. However, some that were made toward the end of 1958 used a type 3 bold mold. Lionel used a series of slightly different molds for its 6464 boxcars over the years. The best identifying feature to tell them apart is the pattern of the vertical "rivets" in the sides. The cars made in 1956 came with bar-end trucks, while the cars made in 1957 and 1958 had AAR-style trucks. They almost always came in Middle Classic-style boxes.

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