Lionel pw-6464



The 6464 series of Lionel Boxcars have been widely collected, and are the most desirable of all the groups of postwar Lionel rolling stock to collect
  • They were first introduced in 1953 as a new car
  • Length was 10 5/8 inches; this was an increase in size compared to the earlier injection molded 9 1/4 inch box car introduced in 1946, which, in turn, was a major change from the stamped sheet metal cars that were produced prior to World War II
  • Produced in 29 basic roadnames, the 6464 series has been studied extensively by people eager to learn how body shells (particularly rivet detail), frames, and graphics changed and to surmise why
  • Most of the variations have been included in our listing, but it is a work in progress and we would apprecaiate hearing of any ommisions
  • With all the attention given to the twenty-nine boxcars cataloged between 1953 and 1969, it's not suprising that their prices continue to rise.
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