Lionel pw-6468-25m



Built 1956-58. Modified 6464 type double door automobile boxcar. Has an unpainted orange body with black and white heat stamped lettering and tuscan doors. The "N" of New Haven and "New Haven" a re in black while the "H," technical data, and car number are in white.
  • This car has been described cas being available only from Madison Hardware (in NYC), aparently through a special marketing arrangement with Lionel. All parts were made in the Lionel Factory, and some say assembly was completed post-factory by Madison.
  • However, the founder of the Train Station (Don Shaw) watched some of these going down the assembly line in the Lionel Factory in Hillside on the same day as the 1973 Canadian Pacific F3's were being finished. They were being shipped to Service Stations, and we were alloted 10 of these at a price of $ 3.25 each!!!!!Unboxed, they had the original built date (1956) and it is not known if they were old parts or parts newly manufactured at that time
  • The Car is not listed in some guides, and another says it is not legitimate> Howver, the car is highly attractive, the doors are very rare, and they have been in collector circles for a long time, so please form your own conclusions about desireablilty and rarity.
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