Lionel pw-6657



Available in 1957 and 1958, this Denver, Rio-Grande and Western RR caboose is the only SP-style caboose that Lionel made during the Postwar era with a three-color paint scheme. It came as part of two sets - the 2291W of 1957 and the 2517W of 1958. Both of these sets featured Rio Grande F3 diesels as the motive power. The body is fully painted silver and yellow with black stripes and black heat stamped lettering. It also features a Rio Grande logo in the form of a decal on each side directly below the cupola. The caboose features interior illumination, a plastic window shell, die cast smokestack, one brake wheel, and sometimes one or sometimes two operating coupler(s). Most of these cabooses had slots in the roof overhang at each end. These were meant for ladders, which were never applied to this car. A rare variation of this caboose has a body mold without the aforementioned roof slots.

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