Lionel pw-6736



This Detroit and Mackinac four-bay hopper car was part of Lionel's product line from 1960 through 1962. It was available for separate sale, and it was part of three sets. It's first appearance was part of the the tough 2551W, headed by the 2358 Great Northern EP-5 in 1960. The other two were sets 2570 and 2575 (2360 GG-1 freight set) in 1961. It has a painted plastic body with heat stamped lettering. It never came with a cover, only the metal stanchion in the top of the center of the car to help it hold the correct shape. All of these cars came with AAR trucks, operating couplers on both ends, and a separately-applied metal brake wheel. A less common version exists, where the face of Mackinac Mac is partially obliterated in the logo. It was later dsicovered that the flaw was caused by a slightly defective heat-stamp plate. It typically came in an orange

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