Lionel pw-726-1948 berkshire

726 LIONEL BERKSHIRE 2-8-4 1948


  • The 1948 version of the 726 is identified by the knuckle coupler molded into the cow catcher, plus being equipped with a 'precision' motor with metal brush holders protruding from the plastic motor cap
  • (1949 models do not have protruding brush holders, but have the molded (non-operating) knuckle coupler, 1947 models have the protruding brush holders but lack the molded coupler on the cowcatcher
  • Black painted die cast body featuring revised boiler casting with E unit slot. Ornamental movable bell and ornamental whistle. Die cast pilot and trailing trucks. Three position E unit, lighted with headlight lens. 2426W semiscale tender. Spectacular in all respects, this loco has the original classy nickle rims and predated magnetraction. It was so well designed that it pulled as well as it's newer cousins with magnetraction. (Nickle rims had to be discontinued for magnetraction, losing a bit of elegance)
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