Lionel pw-726-1949 berkshire



  • 1949 was the last year for the large tender 726, althought the berkshire would remain in the line for another 17 years.
  • The 1949 version was highly detailed, with a die-cast body painted black, white heat-stamped cab number, and a boiler front that could be opened on its own hinges to reveal a headlight bulb. Like the 1949 turbines, the 726 used a horozontial motor that drove the front and rear through a spur-gear drive train, which in turn drove a worm drive shaft
  • Perhaps most important of all was the fact that the e-unit lever protrudes through the boiler.
  • Cosmetically, the engine featured a movable ornamental bell and ornamental whistle, wire handrails retained by wire stanchions, hexagonal nickel flagstaffs on the pilot(which did include a simulated coupler), and nickel-rimmed Baldwin disc drivers axles. SERIAL>12887EXOB: The condition is excellent with some paint chips on both engine and tender. The engine has very box with the insert, and the tender has a box with a missing flap.
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