Lionel pw-861



Lionel was way ahead of Star Wars and Captain Kirk on this one! The outfit includes the following (quoted from instruction sheet): "An inflatable space ship made from a metalized laminated film of the type developed during US Aero Space Programs - the Spacewhip is equipped with three motor driven propulsion units contained in the plastic housings on the sides and bottom of the spaceship. A No. 866 booster tank of 'anti-gravity booster' is used for inflating the spaceship. It is completely harmless, non-toxic, non-flammable and odorless... A Booster Tank Dispenser with a Liler Tube. A set of graduated plastic ballast weights. A 'Space Station' controller with a simulated space screen and two control levers to provide full remote control of the spaceship. Five conductor cable and recifier. Lionel Helios 21 is not an ordinary 'toy'. It is ingeniously designed on sound scientific principles and carefully build from the best avialable material. Treat is with the same care and respect you would give other scientific equipment and it will remain in good servicable condition almost indefinitely to provide fun and enjoyment for a long time!". Built 1964. Uncatalogued.

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