Lionel pw-97

BUCKET AND CHAIN COAL ELEVATOR (38-42 and 46-50). ONE OF THE BEST ACCESSORIES EVER!! block, but is ready to serve the coal trains on your layout. The roof is a reproduction piece. Please check out the photos for the exact condition. No box. SERIAL>5678VG: Graded Very Good (C-6) this Chain Coal Loader shows signs of use, and small spots of chipped paint on the tower. Also spots of surface rust on the sheet metal superstructure.


  • Heres how you can load your coal cars by remote control. A series of buckets on an endless chain scoops up artifical coal deposited in the well. Automatically, the chain conveyor lifts the tiny buckets to the top of the bunker where their contents are tipped onto the loft
  • Next, with the touch of a button, the gate opens and coal pours down the chute into a waiting car
  • Built 1938-42 and 1946-50. One of the best accessories of all time.
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