Lionel pw-x3464nyc classic



  • Like the X3464 A.T.S.F., this heavy duty high quality car was included in sets, as well as being offered for seperate sale from 1949 until 1952
  • Using the same tooling as the 2454 series nine and a quarter inch box cars with only slight modifications to the frame, Lionel created this operating box car
  • The body, usually molded of clear plastic, was painted tan and the New York Central markings were heat-stamped in white. Although X3464 did appear on the car, the most prominent number displayed was "159000"
  • Attached to the operating mechanism was a blue rubber man with arms spread. When energized by the electromagnet of an uncoupling track, a spring-loaded plunger released a spring- loaded mechanism, pushing the door open and advancing the man to the doorway.
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