Lionel pw-x589



This set consists of a 204 Santa Fe Alco A unit in the Blue and Yellow Santa Fe Freight paint scheme, a 6024 RCA Whirlpool Boxcar, a 6111 yellow (all metal, usually unnumbered and usually yellor) flatcar with logs, a blue 6112 gonodola with white canisters, and a 6017 unlighted caboose
  • Had 8 curved, 3 0-27 Straight, 6029 uncoupler and 1015 transformer
  • Set was offered to Whirlpool employees at the Clyde, Ohio plant in 1957
  • Set did not include the matching dummy unit for the 204 powered alco, and came with a combination of boxed and unboxed contens in a single-tier basket weave set carton (Reference, Ambrose and Algozzini, Vol 4, Uncataloged Sets
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