Lionel SET-2001-4



  • This special set with ZW transformer has everything you need for expansion, with enough power to handle 4 to 10 locos at one time and a layout full of Lionel accessories
  • The 4-6-4 Hudson Locomotive is a Modern Lionel classic with brilliant headlight, smoke, die cast metal boiler, railsounds, and tower and crew talk
  • The extra large all metal diecast tender is equipped with diecast 6 wheel trucks to match
  • A real special feature is the Electrocoupler on the loco tender which uncouples anywhere on the layout
  • Switch cars and make up trains in the yard without uncoupler tracks - all controlled from the palm of your hand
  • 5 freight cars include the work crane with a swiveling body, operating hook and boom, a great toy in and of itself and will be used even if the train is not running to lift and unload trucks, cars and other toys and cargo
  • The C&O autoloader can carry matchbox cars in addition to the 4 Lionel cars included
  • The 6464 New Haven Box car with opening doors will carry children's secret treasures safely hidden from view
  • And of course...there's the little red caboose along with a depressed transformer carrier with 6 wheel wheel trucks
  • 12 0-42 inch wide radius curved, 19 straight heavy duty O-Gauge track sections and a UCS uncoupling track provide an extra large 5 by 10 foot oval
  • The 360 watt ZW Transformer is Lionel's newest, operates 4 trains. and is expandable up to 720 watts. It's the best transformer ever built for all old and new trains.
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