Lionel SET-2003-2



  • Set is complete and ready to run. Connect the track together, and control everything from the palm of your hand with the Lionel hand held controller
  • The locomotive is a handsome, deluxe all metal NYC 4-6-4 Hudson made famous by the New York Central RR
  • The loco has the piping and detailing of the original (see photo) and an extra large metal tender with 6 wheel trucks, matching the original. It is equipped with whistle, headlight, puffing smoke, full Lionel Command Control (TMCC), RailSounds, TowerCom and CrewTalk and every other feature Lionel has to offer
  • You can listen to the railroad people talking, uncouple the engine from the train anywhere on the layout and perform all the duties of real railroading
  • All cars in the set are classic remotely controlled operating cars and add years of fun and play value. The man inside the Hoods Milk Car unloads milk cans onto the platform. The Alaskan metal coal car unloads coal with the push of a button. Fish swim past the open windows of the lighted aquarium car, and the searchlight car will illuminate far away objects and light up work or play areas. A lighted caboose brings up the rear
  • The 12969 TrainMaster Command Set (including handheld controller and command base) will handle up to 99 command control locos without additional purchases (except for additional transformers), so you are well equipped for expansion
  • Another special feature is the capability to operate any 'conventional'Lionel loco made since 1920 (ie any non-TMCC loco) with the handheld (at the same time as you are running the Hudson). A seperate accessory trasnsformer is also included
  • The 62 X 82 inch O-Gauge layout is large enough to fit under any Christmas tree, and includes twelve 42 inch diameter wide radius curves (for better performance and more gradual curves than regular curve track), 11 straight straight track, a UCS uncoupler track
  • Top notch Lionel quality insures that your family will use this set for many years and many generations to come
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