Lionel SET-2006-3



  • 3 unit F7 ABA locos were used by the Santa Fe on their fastest trains between Chicago and Los Angeles, and the Lionel loco in this set is an exact scale model of the original
  • The set has the best of everything and is complete and ready to run
  • No assembly required; set the track up on the floor (even on the rug or under the tree) and let the fun begin
  • An extra large loop of track; a powerful 360 watt transformer, a remotely controlled switch for the siding, and an uncoupling track create an provice an extra large layout Two operating accessories add many, many hours of fun for both children and adults (Remember, you may have to send the adults to bed early so the children can play with the trains)
  • As illlustrated by the black log dumping car Next, push a button and the chain mechanism on the loader will hoist the logs to the top. Push another button and the logs are re-loaded onto a car on the other side of the loader
  • The loader can be controled from it's control console or from the handheld (included, of course)
  • The man on the loading station opens the roof of a special boxcar and uses his paddle to load boxes into the car
  • The engine is Lionel's top of the line loco with every feature that Lionel offers
  • The ABA loco includes one powered F7 A unit with 2 maintenance free motors, one non-powered B unit, and one non-powered A unit,
  • In addition there is a Lackawanna Double Door boxcar with hobo figure; an Alaska tankcar; and, of course, a Red Santa Fe Caboose (with interior lighting)
  • Control everything from the palm of your hand with the Lionel remote controller or from the ZW transformer itself
  • Uncouple the engine from the train anywhere on the layout using the handheld controller (without need from an uncoupling track), and let the loco creep along, or tear down the tracks at 100 miles per hour
  • All cars have electromagnetic uncoupling (see illustration), allowing for performance of all the switching operations of real railroading
  • The 6-12969 TrainMaster Command set (including handheld controller and command base) will handle up to 99 command control locos without additional purchases except for additional transformers
  • Another special feature is the classic Lionel ZW 360 watt transformer. This can supply power to 4 seperate mainlines at one time, and is Lionel's signature transformer
  • The track is a huge Lionel fastrack wide radius loop large enough to fit under any Christmas or Holiday tree, with inside dimensions of 48 inches by 89 inches and outside dimensions of 52 x 93 inches
  • The 48 inch diameter wide radius curve track has a more gradual curve and enables better performance
  • Top notch Lionel quality insures that your family will use this set for many years and many generations to come
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