Lionel SET-2006-4



  • The 2-8-2 Mikado Locomotive in this set was widely used by the New York Central Railroad and many other American Railroads
  • The Lionel model is a brand new design and has all of the same features as other steam locos costing from $ 800 to $ 1600 for just the locomotive alone
  • The set is complete and ready to run with no assembly required
  • Both loco and tender are metal construction with no use of plastic or other shortcuts whatsoever, are superdetailed with all the extra piping and other details of the real loco added by hand, and are made with the meticulous quality of the 50's
  • Everything in the set will run for years and be passed from generation to generation
  • With the TMCC computer built into the engine, you will be introduced to the fascinating world of handheld control. The equipment included will let you control up to 10 additional engines at one time as well (Additional transfomer power would be required)
  • The cars included offer extra features for lots of additional fun, and include a Railway Express Operating Milk Car, a Railway Express 'Hotbox' Reefer, a NYC Yellow Reefer and a lighted caboose with a brakeman with lighted lantern going back and forth across the rear platform. All are deluxe Lionel Cars with metal trucks
  • The REA milk car is perhaps the largest selling playtoy of all time, and will provide hours of fun for children and adults as well (Be sure to reserve time for the children to play with the trains after the adults go to bed). The milk cans are loaded into the car and then with a push of a button are unloaded by the Milkman inside the car
  • The 'hotbox' reefer is a brand new car using lights, sound and smoke with lots of action to stop the train and fix the hotbox
  • The brakeman on the caboose is the man who warns the engineer about the hot box
  • The yellow NYMX car is a faithful replica of the modern refrigerator cars with a small diesel enginer inside running 24 hours a day to keep the perishables cool without having to add ice
  • The set will work on any O gauge or Fastrack layout, and will be a delight forever.
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