Lionel SET-2007-6



  • A classic F-3 freight set, lead by Lionel's Signature Warbonnet Santa Fe, and controlled with Lionel's Handheld Remote Controller
  • The F-3's are Lionel's most famous engine of all time,and are exact scale models of the original.
  • Complete and ready to run, no assembly is required; set the track up on the floor (even on the rug or under the tree) and let the fun begin
  • An extra large loop of track; a powerful CW-80 watt transformer, an uncoupling track, and an operating building which will load a boxcar thur the boxcar roof create an extra large layout with extra play value
  • The set will provide many years of fun for both children and adults (Remember, you may have to send the adults to bed early so the children can play with the trains)
  • The 2 unit AB loco includes one powered F3 A unit with 2 maintenance free motors and electronic horn, and one non-powered B unit (B units were locos without engineer's cab, providing more power without the expense of the engineers cab and controls
  • Operation with the handheld is achieved using a powermaster. As supplied in this set, the Lionel handheld controller and powermaster together will control any loco made from the early 1920's thru today using the handheld controller; i.e. any loco without the TMCC computer installed in the loco
  • Also included is a Virginian coal dump, Union Pacific boxcar, a Union Pacific tankcar; an operating cargo boxcar with loading station, and, of course, a red Union Pacific illuminated caboose
  • All cars have metal trucks and are deluxe in every respect
  • Children (and adults too will spend hours loading the packages into the special boxcar from the loading building, and the children will load secret things into the other boxcar for transport down the main linee
  • Control everything from the palm of your hand with the Lionel remote controller or from the CW-80 transformer itself
  • Let the loco creep or run full speed - you are the enginer
  • Track includes; 8 O-36 curved sections, 6 straight sections, operating uncoupling track w/five rails (will work postwar cars), and terminal section. Also includes two operating books.
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