Lionel SET-2009-2



  • Complete and ready to run with no assembly required, this special set includes Lionel's most powerful loco with 2 motors, Statue of Liberty Logo, and every other deluxe feature available
  • Just snap the track together on the rug or floor and let the fun begin
  • The contents of this set are packed in 9 individual fancy Lionel boxes; gift wrap each box seperately and imagine the thrill of your children (or Dad, or Husband) opening 9 extra packages on Christmas Morning
  • The extra large (40 x 90 inch) loop will fit nicely under any tree or on a 4 x 8 table
  • Built with designs and quality of original Lionel trains from the 50's, everthing will run for 50 years plus, and become a family heirloom
  • Purchased separately, the catalog price of everything in this set is $875; saving $295 at our special price of $579.95
  • The entire set is only $85 more than the 2010 catalog price of FM locos (494.95)
  • Set includes:
  • 6-18388 Jersey Central FM Diesel Loco
  • 4 great freight cars and lighted red caboose, all with operating couplers,
  • Powerful 80 watt transformer with enough power to handle additional accessories and expansion for a much larger layout (You can add as much track as you want using the transformer supplied - but an addtional loco may require more power)
  • A 6-12054 operating track (which will operate any lionel operating car every made, and uncouple any lionel car ever made too)
  • 8 curved (6-12015), and 8 straight (6-12014) Fastrack, and 1 (6-12016) terminal track, making a 40 by 92 inch layout which will fit on a 4 x 8 table
  • Cars include a Santa Fe Operating coal car which unloads coal at the push of a button, a searchlight car which will illuminate the room at night, a Pennsylvania Box Car with opening doors where children will keep all kinds of secret things, a Lion Oil Tank Car delivering oil to keep everyone warm and cozy and, of course, a Lighted Red Caboose
  • The engine is a scale model of the famous Fairbanks Morse Trainmaster, which introduced hi-horsepower units to the American railroads, enabling 1 loco to replace 2 older locos
  • The Jersey Central's locos began each run from their terminal just a few hundred feet from the Statue of Liberty in Jersey City
  • As supplied in this set, loco is remotely controlled from the transformer
  • If you don't have one, purchase a TMCC handheld Cab-1 Controller (6-12868) AND a command base (6-12911) to unlock all the TMCC features included in the loco. This is a one time purchase which will run up to 10 TMCC locos and many accessories and will bring you to the new world of hand-held control railroading
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