Lionel SET-2009-3



  • Here's the Pennsylvania's Broadway Limited, headed by a 5 stripe all metal GG1, considered one of the finest models ever built
  • Ready to run with no assembly required. Set up the track under the tree, on the rug or anywhere else, put the train on the track and let the fun begin
  • The GG1 locomotive is an all metal model of the Pennslyvania Electric GG1, one of icons of railroading
  • The 3 Pullman Passenger cars, IRVINGTON, MADISON, AND MANHATTAN, are models of the Pennsylvania Tuscan Maroon cars built before the streamlined era. They were used on the Broadway Limited and other famous Pennsylvania Trains
  • 20 wheels
  • Dual Pullmor motors
  • electronic horn and bell
  • MAGNE-TRACTION and traction tires
  • Die-cast metal trucks with operating couplers
  • Electronic e-unit with Direction Lock
  • Operating directional headlights
  • Operating pantographs which raise and lower manually
  • Illuminated interiors
  • Die-cast metal 6-wheel trucks with operating couplers
  • Die-cast metal ends
  • Length of each passenger car is 14 1/2 inches
  • Traditional O gauge; operates on any O gauge or Fastrack layout
  • Set includes an extra large 40 x 100 inch layout with an 80 watt transformer providing plenty of power for additonal accessories and expansion and an uncoupling track allowing you to uncouple the cars and engine from each other with the push of a button
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