Lionel TS-15CC



  • This package includes a 102 inch by 42 inch track layout, and everything else you need to operate the TMCC sets (if you don't already have track, transformer and hand-held controller)
  • It allows you to access all the functions of Lionel Command Equipped locomotives; or run your conventional Locomotives remotely.
  • The package includes 12 O-gauge 0-42 curved Track, 11 O-Gauge Straight track, a Remote operating track, Lock-on & wire, Powerhouse, Power Master, Command Base, Cab-1 remote and a K-1 Book which is a comprehensive guide for 0 and 0-27 Trains
  • This is a great way to step up to O-gauge track and a must for any Command Equiped set that lacks track and transformer
  • These items retail for more than $400.00 if purchased seperately
  • The hand in the picture is not included, but we are always happy to give you a hand with advice and technical support.
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