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1969 - 11740 ROCK ISLAND ALCO AA
Built in 1969 in Hagerstown, this is 1 of only 2 'Rock Island' Sets ever made by Lionel. (The other is set # 1810 (made in 1961) with a single # 231 Alco A)
2041P/2041T Rock Island Alco AA units
6315 chemical tank car The 6315 chemical tank car was cataloged as Lionel Lines but usually had the scarce Gulf Markings
6142 gondola with 2 canisters
6014-410 white Frisco boxcar
6476 yellow hopper
6057 brown unstamped SP-type caoboose; 8 curved and 7 straight track, 6149 uncoupling section; and a 1025 45 watt transformer.
The key to this set is the outfit box itself.
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