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1954 #2219W Lackawanna FM Set
1954 was an extraordinary year for Lionel. Trains were at their height of popularity and Lionel answered in a big way with new road names and new designs.

Chiefly, an all new Lackawanna Trainmaster FM, "The New Fairbanks-Morse Power Giant" as the catalog stated, headed Set 2219W a 5-car O Gauge freight set.

The set consisted of: 2321 gray or maroon top Lackawanna. There were different variations of the 2321 produced, some had horn instructions on the battery plate either etched or on a sticker, the coupler armature is found either as 1 piece or two pieces, the light bracket is found either straight or in an "L" shape, the armature and the field windings were copper colored. It came in the standard box with insert and Lionel waxed paper wrap
6456-25 LV gray hopper with red lettering in middle classic box with -25 suffix.
6464-50 M&ST.L boxcar in middle classic box with -50 suffix.
6462-25 NYC green gondola, long middle classic box with coupler protective flaps or short middle classic box without coupler flaps, both with -25 suffix that is commonly found on end of box but can also be heat stamped on side of box (note that only the 25 is heat stamped, the remainder of the box lettering is printed per the normal print process)
6415 Sunoco 3 dome tank in middle classic box.
6417 Pennsylvania N5c Tuscan caboose
The Set included 8 curved, and 5 straight , 1 UCS uncoupling track, lockon
1954 instruction book (Form 926-54) with FM on front, FM instruction sheet (Form 2321-85-9-54), 1954-55 service station list (Form 927-Revised-4-19-54-TT), How to Operate Lionel Remote Control Track Sets (Form No. 6019-16-11-54-TT)
conventional tan set box with red frame, blue printing, large circled L and the retail price
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