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Basic Starter Sets - Complete and Ready to run. Nothing more is required. These have a powerful 80-watt transformer with and extra circuit for accessories and lots of extra power. Purchase of an operating track is recommended to uncouple the cars.

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DCS - This is MTH's version of TMCC and is only available on MTH Engines at this time.

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Forward, neutral and reverse - Only Lionel, K-line and MTH O and O-27 gauge sets have a remotely controlled forward, neutral and reverse. This means they can be stopped with the power on, allowing use of operating milk cars, log dumping cars, coal dump cars, and many other accessories while the train is standing still. Lights stay on in the passenger cars while standing still.  Other gauges (or scales), including G gauge (or G scale) and HO do not have a neutral and cannot be stopped with the power on. Hence, cannot have and do not have operating cars to work with accessories.

This is one of many features that have made a Lionel Train the gift and toy that lasts a lifetime.  We have many different types of sets covering a broad price range, but all locos have a neutral, forward and reverse, are remotely controlled from the transformer, will operate with all older trains, and ultimately can be operated with Lionel's newest Hand Held controller system.

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Lionel O Gauge and O-27 gauge trains - These are the indestructible and perfect size for little children (and all ages from 2 to 80 years).  Proven over the last 100 years, they are still built with old-fashioned quality to last for years and years, and are passed from generation to generation.  There is no assembly required, and sets are ready to run with everything you need in one package.  Put them right on the rug under the tree - you don't need a platform or board.  In addition to Lionel we offer sets made by K-line and MTH.

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O-Gauge\O-27 Gauge – 0 and 0-27 gauge refers to the distance between tracks.  O and O-27 track measures 1 1/8 inches from inside the two outer rails. The trains run on either track interchangeably.  O gauge is a heavier track for larger layouts, having 3 times as much steel as O-27 track.  Most people convert to O-gauge when expanding beyond a 4x8 table.  Basic diameter of O-Gauge is 31 inches, and 27 inches for O-27. Each is available in larger diameters, 42 inches, 54 inches and 72 inches when expanding. We highly recommend 42 inch O-gauge and include that in our special sets for more gradual curves.  Yes, trains can tip over if run to fast on a curve. It's not like a computer where everything is carefully programmed; your child will learn dexterity and motor skills very quickly and will love it. They will want to read about motors, electricity and care of equipment and love that too.

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Railsounds - This is Lionel's digital sound system, which lets you hear the actual sounds of the steam or diesel engine while in operation, along with Towercom (tower personnel talking to the Engineer), and engine crew chitchat. If your engine has TMCC, railsounds are included.

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Signal sounds - This gives you a whistle (steam) or horn (diesel) sound, and ringing bell. If your engine has Railsounds, these are included.

Special Train Station Sets - These have all the popular features Lionel has without the need for any upgrading or additional purchases, including Train Master Command Control locos with a computer installed in the locos, larger transformers, and wider radius 42-inch O-gauge track.

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TMCC or Train Master Command Control - This is Lionel's digital control system, with which trains, switches and accessories can be run from a hand held controller.  Any Lionel train made since 1920 can be run with this system by adding a powermaster (6-12867) and a hand held control (6-12868). New engines designated as 'upgradeable' or 'command ready' also requires the installation of powermasters to be run with a wireless control.  The locomotives in the basic and intermediate category are controlled just like all Lionel made since 1920, and are not subject to upgrading.  The ultimate today is a locomotive with a computer installed in the locomotive. Each loco is addressed with it's own number (use the numbers on the side of the cab if you like), and up to 10 locos can be operated and controlled on one track simultaneously, or on up to 10 mainlines on one layout. The loco is under your control no matter what route or line you switch it to. Just one Command Base (6-12969) is needed for the entire layout. A powermaster is highly recommended although not required, letting you run conventional and TMCC locos on the same lines at the same time. A powermaster is needed for each separate line on which you want to use the handheld to run conventional locos, or you can also use the transformer throttle of an old transformer instead of the powermaster.  TMCC Can also be found in K-Line, Weaver and Atlas Engines (under license from Lionel, assuring full compatibility of all 4 brands).

TMCC Upgradable - This means a Lionel service center can upgrade the engine to full TMCC. Many older engines can be upgraded also.

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