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The E8 and E9 were the face of passenger trains for decades. Solid and reliable, these E's even found their way into freight service on many roads. Some of the best-known railroad liveries graced these models and never looked better. But beyond lightning stripes and warbonnets, the E's wore plenty of more unique yet equally interesting paint schemes as well. This latest release celebrates just a few of those! Think Southern or Southern Pacific and immediately green and Daylight colors come to mind. But the Southern's "tuxedo" black and white paint was no slouch. And Espee's gray and scarlet graced these units for far more years than orange and red. Amtrak's red-nosed E's ushered in a new look as passenger service was re-imagined in the 1970s. New York Central's early paint schemes were striking - but costly. They experimented with a splash of "Century Green" paint on a pair of E8s (and 1 E7B) i n 1960 before deciding upon dark gray. Ultimately the Central felt the green was more suited for boxcars - but we think it looks just fine on the E's! Offered in 5 different paint schemes including holiday colors!
  • Standard Legacy Diesel features.
  • Able to run in LEGACY Control mode, TMCC mode, Conventional with a standard transformer, with Universal Remote or Bluetooth with LionChief App
  • Lionel Voice Control (LVC) - run your locomotive by speaking commands into your phone via LionChief App
  • Both units powered
  • LEGACY and Bluetooth control in both locomotives
  • Engineer and conductor figures in lead locomotive
  • Fan-driven smoke unit in both locomotives
  • Adjustable smoke output
  • Directional lighting including LED headlights
  • Marker lights on front and rear
  • Illuminated number boards
  • Lighted cab interior
  • Die-cast trucks, pilot and fuel tank
  • Metal frame
  • High levels of separately applied metal details
  • Track IR in lead locomotive
  • Front ElectroCouplers and non-operating rear couplers on both locomotives
  • Mars, roof or ditch lights
  • LEGACY RailSounds in lead locomotive
  • Gauge: O Gauge
  • Power: Electric
  • Engine Type: Diesel
  • Min Curve: O54
  • Dimensions/Length: 34" (17" each)
  • Most Recent Catalog: 2023 Big Book
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