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Item 6-18000

  • Traditional Steam Engines without TMCC - CLICK HERE FOR INFO

  • Since 1999, Lionel Locomotives without TMCC or Legacy have been designated as "Traditional", "Premium Traditional", "Conventional", "Conventional Classics" or "Command Ready". These operate just like any older Lionel locomotive built from 1920 until today
  • All locos made from 1920 and all traditional locos made since 1999 have Lionel's famous forward, neutral and reverse remote control system. These functions are remotely controlled from buttons on the transformer, along with the speed and whistle
  • Note that the forward, neutral and reverse system is only available in Lionel O Gauge and fastrack trains These engines, along with any engine made from 1920 on, also will operate with the hand held remote system as long as you have a powermaster (6-12867, 6-12827, 14188, 14179 or 6-24130) installed between the transformer and the track
  • Some 'traditonal' engines were also called 'command ready' by Lionel
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