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Item 6-19060

NYC Heavyweight 4 Car Set


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A 4 car set from Lionel in the pullman green colors. Metal trucks and lighted. Full scale illuminated Pullman Cars with diaphrams a nd 6 wheel trucks. Many railroads had two car passenger trains on the branch lines and the locals on mainlines as well. These remind us of the trip on the Central Vermont back to school. The Montrealer from NYC stopped in White River Jct V ermont, dropped of 1 pullman and coach, and stormed non-stop all the way thru Vermont (expect B urlington) on its way to Montreal from NYC. The little 2 car train followed, with one coach and one pullman and made every stop in Vermont all the w ay to Essex Junction, giving reliable service every day to every town from NYC. Colored Pullman Green, these cars will make neat a looking and prototypical train. The NYC had many such trains too; we remember (and rode) one in and out of Seneca Falls NY, pulled by a Hudson, that went right thru the park in the center of town. Hudsons h ad been relegated to branch line work since diesels had taken over the mailine trains. On our next trip, the Steamer was replaced by a GP. The Lackawannas's trains on the Syracuse Branch were like these also, but had a diner lounge as well - they took nicer care of their passengers and felt you shouldn't have to starve to death or carry lunch in a brown bag. The pullman and the coach on t he Lackawanna stayed pullman green for years, but the diner lounge was painted maroon ggey and yellow by 1948. Because of this good service, many o f the Lackawanna's trains like this had 2 coaches.

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