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Item 6-2007-2cat



Pictured on the cover is the introduction of the Harry Potter Hogwarts Express. This was transformer controlled and came with three passenger cars. The first 21 pages of this 224 page catalog was dedicated to all types of Christmas items, from engines to accessories. Two notible sets that were re-issed were the 2289WS Berkshire Freight Set and the Flying Yankee. The original 2289WS set celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the first set to come with Super O track. It has the 736 steam engine along with five freight cars. The Yankee Flyer, which was produced from 1935 into the 1940's, is part of the Lionel tin plate era. The 616W motor and the three passengers were all metal. This set was also transformer controlled. Other steam engines in this catalog are 4-6-4 Hudson, 4-6-2 Pacific and K4 locomotives, 2-8-0 Consolidation Engines and 2-8-2 Mikado Steam engines. One final piece introduced in this catalog was the standard gauge remake of the Electric Rapid Transit 101 and Trail car. This piece was originally produced from 1910-1913. This is a great catalog for any collector!

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