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The girder car was produced from 1946 through to 1950. During that time there were at least five variations and probably several other minor ones. The major change in the car came when Gilbert started producing the car with a metal base to prevent warping. This change occurred in late 1946. Strangely, Gilbert continued to produce the plastic based car simaltaneously with the metal based car through until 1947. Some early flat cars were unpainted white plastic, followed by medium and dark grey plastic. Most of the metal flats came with dark grey paint. The girder wqs held in place by two restraining straps. Girders ranged in color from yellow to dark orange. On one side of the girder was written "AMERICAN FLYER LINES" with the number "627" on the other side. The sides of the flat said "AMERICAN FLYER" in black letters and a single brake wheel stood at one end of the car. All 627 Girder Cars rode on tinplate trucks with link couplers.


17157EX AMERICAN FLYER 627 GIRDER CAR -> C-7 Excellent - Minute nicks or scratches; no dents or rust.

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